We are confident in confirming we have the facilities, necessary expertise and knowledge in helping you finding different logistics and distribution solutions with us.

Air Freight

Today, thousands of products are being delivered by air freight. This service has made it possible for people around the world to have the goods needed for the everyday life.

Ocean Freight

People buying their stock from other countries find Oceam freight the cheapest method. However, it takes longer to ship and should be chosen when you have enough time.

Road Freight

We Transport Goods in large trucks across major cities in the world and we deliver effectively, expressly.
We provide 24/7 tech support, and tracking.

We Offer Services

Prime logistics services for the world’s Biggest logistics companies.

Residential Moves

Relocation of personal properties within or outside your country at a very short notice.

Corporate Relocation

We help in relocation businesses and business complex efficiently and at a short notice.

Warehouse & Storage

We are confident in confirming we have the facilities, necessary expertise in helping you Save your parcel .

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Real-Time Tracking

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Warehouse Storage

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How It Works

To make an order for shipment of parcel, you can speak with any of our agents through the following meduim,

  • Email Us
  • Call Us
  • Chat Us
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Our shipping prices are very friendly and affordable. we currently accept payment through the following means,

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
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Once your parcel is shipped, a tracking code will be generated for you to monitor your parcel anytime. you can know the exact location you parcel is at any point in time.

  • Konw Parcel current location
  • Know Parcel Current Status
  • Know Parcel Exact ETA
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